On beauty

I’ve been feeling quite shitty in the past few months. And it’s not the first time I felt like that in my life. But there was always something that did the trick and kept me from sinking.
This time I find it really hard to understand what’s that thing that is going to save my life now. Big words, I know. I don’t need anything or anyone to literally save me. I am not dying or anything like that. I’m just wining and struggling.
In the past I’ve always found consolation in reading, but now literature is not helping. When I start reading, my mind goes on its own trip and that’s not helping.
So I’m trying to absorb beauty. From movies, books, magazines, street life. That subjective beauty that strikes me and heals me from the inside.
I’m not sure it’s going to work.
But there’s no harm in trying.



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