For a change

I’m tired, lonely and a with a broken heart. But I’m grateful.

Grateful for the 10+ hours I spent at the office today and the challenges that I had a chance to tackle. I am grateful that I have the possibility to show what I can do, who I am and to speak my mind. To learn and to teach.

I am grateful that I was invited to come here and to have to face questions that I always tried to avoid.

I am grateful for being in love again.

I am grateful for a beautiful sunset that was waiting for me at the pier.

I am grateful for having met people who care about me, in a way or another. I am grateful for the few but fantastic friends that I have. I know I can count on them and that I can be there for them.

I am grateful for the smiles, even the shortest ones, that light up the room every time I meet your eyes. For having you around, even when I would like to touch you and hug you but I just have to focus on keep breathing.

I am grateful for all these things and everything else that I don’t even realise I have. Because it’s easier to start writing and complaining about the bad stuff, but I too often forget to look at the good things I have, at what I have achieved, at what I might have given to the people I met on the way.

In the end, all you can hope for
is the love you found to equal the pain you’ve gone through.

It’s all about love.


One thought on “For a change”

  1. I’m gonna tell you something that I told a few people only. When my father died, back in 2006, after a few months I was taking my mother to the train station. She was living with a friend of hers for a short vacation. While we were on our way, I told her “Mom, you should really try to use positive thinking”. She replied “I’ve been always been optimistic, I always thought that Dad could have made it”. I said “Mom, this is not positive thinking, this is blind stupidity. Dad had a lung cancer, not a flu. What you should focus on, now, is the fact that you’ve been lucky to meet him, you’ve been lucky to spend 50 years with him, you’ve been lucky to have two children, that in turn had two children each. This is positive thinking. Focus on the good side of things. And there is ALWAYS a good side, even in a sad situation like this. Only positive thinking will guide you to transform desperation in pain, and eventually in sweet melancholy”.
    She’s still desperate, just for the record. But she can’t listen to me. Because if she does, this would mean to smash all of her certainties. And this is what I was talking about, replying to your comment on the other blog this morning.
    Nice to have met you. And good to practice a bit of my rusty English… 😉

    Mi piace


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