When you looked at me and took my hand on the dance floor, there was no space for questions or any other words. Dancing with you was even better as I imagined it would be: it was fun and sexy and it felt right. 

You put your arm on my shoulder out in the cold of the night and you held my hand and then you held me so tight.
You looked right into my eyes while you where hugging me and with your hand you moved my hair away from my chin.
I had an answer to all your doubts. 
When we kissed it was real. When I asked you to kiss me again you didn’t hesitate.
Your eyes were sweet and shiny. Your words were sincere and thoughtful. You were holding my hand while we walked across our beautiful town and you never let go, not even for a moment. 
When we said good night you were still holding my hand. 
This time I looked back. And so did you.


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