A map of memories

Just so you know, the town is still full of memories of us. Every corner can tell a bit of the story. That first mischievous smile and then running to get the tram holding hands. It was the heat of the summer and the free feeling of the approaching holiday the lead us to that first kiss beneath a lamp post. There are memories of us hugging and queuing to get into a club. Hugging and freezing in the winter night that brought us our last kiss, at 5 am. There are many other smiles and hugs and jokes, eyes that search the room to find the other’s eyes. Dinners and a concert. Beers, many beers, in the summer sun and tears of passion and despair. Dancing to a cheesy romantic song, holding tight to each other as if the stars were there just for us. Another night and another smile while you leave the restaurant looking at me among all other people. Your fingers running softly on my right arm. Your lips pressed against mine as the first light of the morning is coming up behind the hill. A living room full of sun and a headache. A hug that changes into a kiss just before I get off the bus. You getting on a tram wearing that black jacket. Many more images and sounds and smells that sometime hurt as hell but in a way still keep me company.



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